How important is Breakfast

Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Beggar, so goes on old saying. But in today's world of hurry, breakfast is the biggest casualty.

People often ask as to why breakfast is important. The answer lies in the word 'breakfast' itself. The word originated from the fact that after dinner, we do not eat whole night (minimum 8 hours) and this is a long time for a body to go without food. During daytime, we keep on eating and munching after every 3-4 hours. But the duration between dinner and breakfast is often long, sometimes even 12 hours. So it is equivalent to a fast. Hence the meal that is taken in the morning is breakfast.

Those who avoid breakfast are less productive and less efficient than those who eat breakfast. Children who regularly eat breakfast think faster and clearer, solve problems more easily and are less likely to be restless and irritable early in the day. So the message is loud and clear to 'be particular about breakfast'.

Many people skip meals to lose weight. But the first meal of the day is important for a healthy start. The reason for it is simple. Skip breakfast, and the gap between dinner and lunch next day is almost 16 hours. During this time the level of blood sugar drops. Glucose, the principle fuel for the brain and the central nervous  system helps, carry on routine activities like talking, thinking, even walking. For effective functioning of the brain, any stored carbohydrates have to be broken or fat and protein turned into a usable form. Without breakfast the body is deprived of vitamins C and D, calcium, iron and fibre.  This is the one reason people find it difficult to concentrate, solve problems, memorize things and often become moody. A Canadian study says breakfast boosts memory and those who eat breakfast perform better.

A study also found remarkable improvement in those people suffering from memory problems and those with early signs of adult-onset diabetes. Another report states that school students consuming breakfast were less absent and had higher math grades and were less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and hyperactivity. Moreover, breakfast helps determine and maintain a desired weight. A wholesome breakfast ensures one does not indulge in calorific-ally dense  food or overeat later in a day. Due to prolonged hunger one eats more food higher in calorie count.

Eating something is better than nothing. It helps raise blood sugar levels. So have an apple on the way to work.

This proves that why we should eat a proper and wholesome breakfast. The body's stress hormone levels are highest in the morning due to hunger. Eating food helps the body to overcome this stress. Try not to skip this most important meal of the day and see how your health and performance at work improves.

Ginger - Effective Curative

Ginger is considered as small medicine cabinet by itself. It is effective in lessening motion and morning sickness and protect one against stomach upset.

A cup of ginger tea or a glass of ginger ale can quicken relief from stomach flu.

Ginger herb is richly loaded with anti-viral compounds that help fight rhinovirus which causes common cold. But if we take beyond a certain dose, it might overheat our body.

When we are down with a cold, intake of water wherein which, a piece of ginger is well boiled and a table spoon of honey added, will have a soothing effect.

The same ginger tea can be made with a table spoon full of ginger added to water and let it steep for 10 mins and then drain it.

Ginger tea, which is free from caffeine is an ideal drink for the cold and flu season.