It rarely pays to lose your TEMPER

Anger is a negative expression. Refuse to allow others control. Love yourself. If you do, you will never burden yourself with that self-destructive anger.
Severe anger is a form of temporary mental illness. Replace anger with curiosity about the person who is annoying you. Be capable of avoiding anger.

Anger does not server any purpose . It rarely pays to lose your temper. Anger can produce high blood pressure, ulcers, sleeplessness, tiredness and even heart disease. "Anger" is one letter short of "Danger".
Anger interferes with communication and results in guilt. Refusal to listen to other side destroys any hope of a workable solution. Anger never works in changing others. Express anger in non-destructive ways.
A lady lost her child because of a drunken driver. She got very angry. She made up her mind not to tolerate this kind of behavior in society. She organized people all over the United State's of AMERICA to fight drunken driving. Today her association has become a force, with thousands of members and they give chase to drunken driving.
Be angry with the right person, to the right degree at the right time and for the right purpose. Anger is a choice as well as a habit.
Develop a sense of humor. Try to understand yourself and others. See the other person's point of view. Accept people as they are. When provoked become aware of what you are doing.
Keep the anger journal and record the exact time, place and incident. The very act of having to write will induce you to anger less often.
Try postponing anger.Postpone anger for sixty seconds. The first 10 seconds are most crucial.
Keep the anger emotions under control. Seek the positive approach and the day will become bright.

High Heels - Foot Related Problems

There are many types of heels available in the market as beautiful footwear. Today's make over of youngsters is incomplete without these fashionable accessories. But the question is whether they are really conductive to physical comfort, especially foot-related.

As we are aware footwear is one of the most important factors, leading to foot-related ailments. About 80% of all foot problems, especially among women are caused by defective footwear, the culprit being the high-heels.

Heels more than 2 inches high can not only damage a woman's posture, and can increase the risk of falling, but can also cause permanent damage. Though it is presumed that high heels are style statements and enhance personality, few realize that it would cost dearly.

We must also know that stiletto heels transmit a large amount of force in a small area, and are therefore often strengthened by a metal rod, and a metal or hard plastic tip. Such a heel exerts much pressure.

Here are some high heel problems that might occur:

Knee is the common site of Osteoarthritis among woman. Constant use of high-heeled shoes cause the feet to lose the ability to absorb the shock of impact, which is therefore transferred to knee.

Achilles Tendonitis:
This problem occurs when the large tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone becomes shortened. It then becomes irritated and swells.

Muscle Tear:
Sprains and muscle tears occur due to lack of stability.

Callouses and Corns:
These are caused by pressure and friction. Such a tendency is found when the foot presses against the inside of shoe or when toes are pressed together. This leads to the formation of thick hard areas of skin called corns.

This foot ailment occurs when the second toe buckles under itself to relieve pressure. Then it rubs against the inside of shoe. In due course of time, this causes the toe to take on a claw-like appearance and a hard corn develops on top of the toe.

Inflammation of bones near the ball of the foot.

Neuromas are pinched nerves near the ball of the foot. In-grown toenails are caused by tight stockings. The edge of a toenail grows into the surrounding skin causing swelling and pain. Bunions occur when the big toe is forced inward and the joint is forced outward, causing swelling, pain and eventually bony growth.

Yoga : The Eight-fold path to health

Yoga is a Hindu way of life leading t spritual liberation. It is included among the six orthodox schools of Indian philosophy. As early as the 5th century A.D., Patanjali arranged in an orderly way its basic principles in his 'Yogasutra'.
According to yoga, spritual liberation occurs when the soul is freed from the bondage of matter. The yoga process includes eight stages. The first two are ethical preparations. They are yama or abstinence from violence,stealing,falsehood,lust and greed for riches and niyama or observance of cleanliness,contentment,austerity and study.
The next two stages are physical preparations that include asanas, a series of exercises to enable the aspirant to hold one posture for an extended period without physical discomfort; and pranayama, or breathing exercises to encourage complete respiratory relaxation. The 5th stage 'pratyahara',involves control of the senses.
These first five stages constitute the external aids to yoga. The remaining three stages are the internal aids. They are dhaarana,the ability to hold awareness of one object for a long period of time;dhyana,concentrated meditation and samaadhi, the final stage,in which the object of meditation and the meditator become one.
Today , it is the external aspect of the yoga method that is attracting universal attention. It has great importance in promoting overall physical wellbeing. In India, Tv programmes demonstrating yogic exercises are popular. Also an increasing number of schools are incorporating yogic asanas in their curriculum.

The Value of Vaccines

Vaccines are the most significant global health promoters with ar reaching benefits. Vaccines prevent diseases in individuals and also prevent their spread. They had already been used in the eradication of most deadly and disfiguring disease like small pox. It also showed good results in bringing down the cases of polio and death caused by Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Measles, Tetanus and Diphtheria.
Vaccines assist the body's defence system. They enable the defence mechanisim of the body to create an immune response memory. Immune response and memory are so very important that the defence circle produced by vaccines can react and fight against the infection when it actually arises. In the making of vaccine a dead or harmless or less severe version of the infection is used . A vaccine given thus can create body's ability to fight against disease. So vaccines are used as a preventive measure to build an effective defence mechanism.

Eye Care - Take care of your Vision

  • Keep at least 10 feet away from the television
  • Eat green leafy vegetables, carrots,milk,eggs.
  • Do not read in dim light
  • Do not read while sitting in moving vehicles.
  • Have a good sitting posture while reading and writing.
  • Check up your Eye-Sight one in one or two years above 40 years of age is required.
  • Sun gazing should be avoided.
  • Two wheeler drivers and lathe operators must wear protective glasses.
  • Diabetes,hypertension,glaucoma can seriously affect the eyes. So check up your eyes periodically by qualified doctors.
  • Do not neglect cataract (cloudiness in lens of eyes) for surgery.
  • Persond with astigmatism (defect in a lens of the eye causing distortion of the image of an object) should be checked before sitting in front of computers.
  • Correction of power of lenses should be done by qualified opthalmologist and accurately dispensed by good opticians.
  • Do not allow children to play with sharp object.

Tips to tackle Stress

Don't bottle up your emotions. Talking with your friends and family,listening to them,exchanging ideas can reduce stress.

Mild exercise gives relief from stess.When you get angry, take a break. Music influences the mind.listen to some relaxing music. Find hobbies that really satisfy you.

Laugh a little everyday.Spend extra time with people who make you feel good. Live in the moment. Worrying about the past,the future and the things you can't control is not good. Focus on what is happening now.

Think positively. Having positive attitude will help you to assert yourself and feel more in control. Negative thoughts generally produce negative results.

Using cigarettes,alcohol and caffeine cannot help overcome the problems. They can only temporarily mask stress. Setting goals is one of the good ways you can take better control of your life.

Always take time to care for both mind and body. Relaxed breathing is quickest and easiest way to release stress.

Meditation is an effective stress reducing method.