Tomato - Fat Zero , Weight watchers check out..

People say that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' but I would substitute  tomato for apple in this saying. A century ago the tomato was considered poisonous and acidic. Today we know that it actually has the most amazing health properties and is alkaline in nature. Did you know that tomato is actually a fruit and not a vegetable?

Due to its highly versatile preparation options - Tomato soup,puree,salsa,gravy,chopped in salads and as a juice,cooked in your vegges,used in pulaos, dals etc.- It can easily be included as part of your diet.

A weight watchers delight, the tomato has zero fat content. The fruit has a very powerful anti-oxidant called lycopene that cuts the risk of prostrate cancer. In fact the cooking process released more lycopene. Due to its powerful anti-oxidant content, the tomato is very good for cardio-vascular diseases.

The vitamin C content in tomato increases immunity levels and keep common colds abd coughs at bay. It also helps in cases of congestion of liver (protects liver from Cirrhosis) as well as dissolving gallstones.

The tomato is a treasure house of nutrients, including vitamin A for skin and eyes,potassium for muscle cramps and folic acid. Tomatoes are especially recommended for people with high Homocysteine levels because of all these nutrients

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Nice information posted here about tomato. Really tomato is good for health.

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