Movie popcorn not good for health

Ready to make and eat stuff is what we gorge on these days. Our good old snack 'Popcorn' also fell in this line. You get ready-to-pop kernels with butter smeared sumptuously.

When you put them on pan, your heart pops as you see the kernels pop up in beautiful patterns. At the cinemas, you finish off a big pack of it, followed by an ice cream, a cool or got beverage. But what you had finished off contains large amounts of sodium and saturated fat, and the butter flavor is not really butter.

Popcorn which formed an essential selling stuff was part of a South American menu some thousands of years ago. Pop kernels are stores of starch, sugar and water, the energy a plant needs to grow. The water in it turns into stream when heated and pops the corn.

The early populations that had to indulge in quite a lot of physical activity, burnt up the energy easily. But for people like, say present generation, whose physical activity is restricted, popcorn is very rich snack. Popcorn energy is simply stored body fat. Movie popcorn is still more harmful.

 The XL size super pack sold at cinemas and shopping malls smells heavenly, crunchy. Though it is softer than sugar-rich boiled sweets, store-bought pack of junk, it should be consumed with some limitations.

 This fluffy delight can be consumed if you skip the butter and stick to healthy, old fashioned, air-popped corn. You can air-pop raw kernels in a cooker, with a spot of vegetable oil. Add only natural salt. This air popped popcorn is a good alternative to other snacks such as potato chips, candy or cookies.

According to the experts, microwave pack, no doubt contains less fat, but the inner lining of the bag has cancer causing chemicals that leach into the pops and its savory aroma is linked to lung disease called popcorn-workers lung - which is under intense study.

 Corn as a Vegetable:

Actually corn is a natural vegetable. Raw corn kernels are rich in fibre which is good for the system. They are low in calories too. One cup of air popped corn has 30 calories. Contains no saturated fat, trans-fats or cholesterol. Besides fibre and protein, it has traces of manganese, folate, niacin, vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, copper, and selenium.

Which is better, home made air popped popcorn or the pack of popcorn you munch at the theatre or shopping malls. Now you decide your choice.



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